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1.)    Take the History of Cucina Italiana article in the left panel of the front page and either find another place for it or temporarily take it off the website.  However, I don’t want to lose it as it will be added again later.

2.)    In its place add the picture attached of me and my wife Mary.  Underneath please put the caption:  Wayne and Mary are interviewed by Jane Wernette.  Amici Club was highlighted on the program “Spotlight” on Naperville Community TV 17 on Feb. 10, 2016.  See information about NVCTV 17 at and the interview at or

3.)    Beneath this new section, add an announcement of the a trip to Branson, MO similar to the one we did last year to Asheville, NC.

Amici Club sponsors a trip to Branson, MO on Monday, Nov. 14 through Friday, Nov. 18, 2016.

Price, $525 per person for double occupancy plus insurance


·         Motorcoach transportation

·         4 nights lodging in Branson

·         8 meals: 4 breakfasts and 4 dinners (all but 1)

·         Admission to 7 day time fabulous shows

·         Admission to 3 evening shows including “Million Dollar Quartet”

·         Showboat Branson Belle

·         And much more

·         Contact Fran Morgan at 630.739.7705

The shows alone are worth the trip cost.  See information at Trip to Branson 2016 1 and Trip to Branson 2016 2.
Figure out the best way to show the flyers – maybe including them below the text.
Again, if there are any questions, please respond back before doing the changes.

History of Cucina Italiana

And an introduction to Amici Club
In the fall of 2003, Maria Mastrolanardo, who had moved with her family to Naperville from an Italian neighborhood in Chicago, was disappointed that she couldn’t find stores that sold Italian food and other items like there was in her old neighborhood.  She posted a note in a local restaurant asking others with the same problem to meet for lunch on a certain Thursday.
She was surprised that a number of people responded and soon there were 12 people meeting once a month at the restaurant.  After several meetings  a few of the attendees wrote the mission statement and the by-laws for a non-profit club to be called Amici Naperville Area Italian American Club.  To join the club you need not be of Italian descent but, if you were 18 or older and passionately interested in Italian culture and traditions, you were a prospect.

After incorporation as a non-profit organization early in 2004, it grew to approximately 100 members including corporate members.  From the beginning the club sponsored events that involve food and wine.  On the First Friday of each month “La Cucina di Luisa” was started in the home of Luisa Mercato. She and her husband moved to Chicagoland when her husband was transferred by his employer.  

Ladies met and brought wine to see how a particular Italian delicacy was prepared and samples were served.  
After Luisa’s husband was transferred back to Italy, the tradition continued as “Cucina Italiana” and is open for all Amici Club members (men and women) and others to demonstrate culinary specialties and offer samples for taste.  Recently a cucina at the home of Amici Club members Len and Fran Morgan was the site where Len demonstrated homemade cheese ravioli and marinara sauce.  It was featured in the Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun by free-lance writer Judy Buchenot.  You can read it from the link below:
Love of Italian culture, food, brings Amici Club together.  The tradition continues on most First Fridays of the month.  click here for article.
Wayne Piccin, President
Amici Naperville Area Italian American Club
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